Results Announced for Annual Kern County History Day

Saturday March 2, 2024

Students from schools across Kern County competed today in the 41st annual Kern County History Day. Individuals or groups with the highest scores in each category are now eligible to participate in California History Day, April 19-21 at Sacramento State. Those who win at state become eligible to advance to National History Day.

Research for the county event had been going on since the beginning of the school year as students prepared historical papers, exhibits, performances, documentaries, and websites around this year’s theme: Turning Points in History. Kern County History Day is presented and sponsored by the Kern County Superintendent of Schools. Students who are now eligible to participate in California History Day are as follows:

Elementary Division (Grades 4 and 5)

Roxanne Rios
Shirley Lane Elementary
The Invention of Motor Vehicles

Joaquin Corrales
Rio Bravo Greeley
The Gold Rush

Alekha Goldberg
Peak to Peak Mountain Charter
1969’s Manzanar Pilgrimage

Miguel Ringwald
Shirley Lane Elementary
The Wright Brothers

Junior Division (Grades 6 – 8)

Isabel Castillo
St. Francis
Metal Music

Olivia Brown
St. Francis
How the Miranda Rights Protect Us

Evelyn Torres
St. Francis
The Girl Scouts of America

Emily Huynh
Fruitvale Junior High
Lindbergh Kidnapping

Zachary Avila
Palm Avenue Middle School

Rachel Helper
St. Francis
Florence Nightingale

Sebastian Espitia
Palm Ave. Middle School

Jorja Herring
St. Francis
The Evolution of Women’s Fashion

Jeffrey Gonzales
St. Francis
The Rubik’s Cube

William Erfanian
Warren Jr. High
The Invention of Plastic

Yzabella Campos
St. Francis
Ferdinand Marcos’ Declaration of Martial Law

Rupsa Daripa
Warren Jr. High
The Invention of Penicillin

Anjali Kakarla and Anjali Leva
Warren Jr. High
From Famine to Food

Ruth Rodriguez and Elizabeth Witcher
Fruitvale Jr. High
The Ultimate Turning Point in Medicine

Ronak Bose, Ansh Patel, and Sanjay Ravikumar
Warren Jr. High
Marshall Plan

Camila Zendejas and Gabriella Lucano
Palm Avenue Middle School
Rachel Carson Discovers DDT

Serenity Estrada and Samantha Cuevas
DiGiorgio School
Spanish Flu of 1918

Bea Sebanda and An Nguyen
Fruitvale Jr. High
1964 Surgeon General’s Warning

Hailey Woodruff, Allison Williamson, and Meng Xu
Fruitvale Jr. High
Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire

Emma Nasar and Ondine Townsend
St. Francis
The Grimke Sisters

Dave Lee and Imandeep Matharu
Warren Jr. High
Treaty of Versailles

Eli Ozcan and Aidan Hauptman
St. Francis
Francisco Franco

Giulana Martinez and Avery Hagan
St. Francis
Air Jordans

Senior Division (Grades 9 – 12)

Matthew Fan
Bakersfield Christian High School
The First Kidney Transplant

Airam Garcia and Judith Cortez
Arvin High School
Shattered Innocence

By Robert Meszaros

By Robert Meszaros

Rob Meszaros is Director of Communications for the Kern County Superintendent of Schools, where he has served since 2012. In his role, Meszaros oversees media relations, internal and external communication strategies, publications, Marcom, branding, and multi-media content creation. Before joining KCSOS, Meszaros was the PIO for CSU Bakersfield and earlier worked for seven years at The Bakersfield Californian.